Handmade Christmas


Internet problems were an issue last week but it’s all sorted now so we’re back in business and it’s December.

I’m quite traditional deep down and love it when I hear Christmassy music or see sparkly decorations. The arrival of December always brings excitement and panic in equal measure: yoga party and two Xmas lunches all within three days not to mention the sudden shortage of crafting time before Christmas Day.

On Tuesday our knitting group met to make seasonal bits and bobs so the tiny white snowflake made for my pebble was replaced by some red, green and white larger ones.

Colourful bits and bobs

Colourful bits and bobs

Then we all went off to the local hostelry for a roast lunch  … really sociable and good to have time to chat about things other than yarns, patterns and the intricacies of reading crochet patterns. I expect you’ve guessed that I could spend every waking hour talking knitting and crochet!

The afternoon was spent browsing The Wool Croft in Abergavenny and adding to already substantial stashes! Luscious yarns to save till the New Year, you understand, when all our projects are completed! So all in all it was a beautiful knitty day.

How yummy are these?

How yummy are these?

Now to more pressing issues – and some of my completed presents do, in fact, need blocking. I can’t post full photos in case some family members try to sneak a look so here are just one or two tiny previews …

.... or this?

…. or this?

Guess what?

Guess what?

The crocheted pebbles haven’t been completely neglected either  ….. and the finished results of the first snowflake designs have turned out quite well although a little tweaking is still needed to produce the finish which I have seen on some website photos. I think it will be a question of trial and error especially with very different shaped pebbles.

Different effects

Different effects

Marbles and stones

Marbles and stones

A busy week as you can see – all great fun. Hope you are all getting on well with your Christmas projects. Why does every day seem so much shorter as the weeks go by? What I need is an extra month of crafting time!

That’s all for now,

Jenny x


2 thoughts on “Handmade Christmas

  1. I love reading your blogs- they just make me very happy! I totally agree about needing an extra month of craft time; definitely something that would be very useful as time seems to be speeding up at the moment. I loved the colours of the the wool from Abergavenny, and then the sneak preview of the presents; the colours look amazing together.
    Lots of knitting love, xxx

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