Pebble puzzles

Hello again.

Well, there’s good news and not so good news. I’ll start with the bad news, shall I, and get it out of the way?

Well, would you believe that I’m running out of pebbles. Yes …. that huge bag of North Sea Cobbles is almost at an end and what’s more all the best of them – round and symmetrical – have gone, leaving behind  some rather quirky shapes which are proving quite a challenge to cover.

very odd shapes

very odd shapes

More on that subject later!

Now to the good news …. I’ve found a product which transforms the rather grey stones into a far more acceptable pebble to crochet around. A most helpful young man at our local Post Office came up with the idea of painting the stones with Mod Podge – yes, that really is what it’s called – to enhance the colours of the rocks. You know how much more attractive pebbles look when wet – well, it doesn’t quite reproduce that look but it definitely helps.

the marvellous Mod Podge

the marvellous Mod Podge


glossed and ready to go

glossed and ready to go


So, with some unusual shapes lined up I have been searching the internet for some appropriate shaped motifs to use. I’ve seen images of beautiful designs …. leaves, ferns, swirls and other fantastical shapes … But there are never any patterns for them. The problem, you see,  is framing the central motif in such a way that it enhances the shape of the pebble. The perfectly round patterns which I started on last autumn work well but now I want to create something different for each stone. It’s become a bit  obsessive and I have taken to scouring all my crochet magazines for different motifs and doily centres which I can adapt to the shapes of my stones.

My attempts at covering a rather beautiful oval shaped stone have not achieved quite what I wanted: having spotted and worked a leaf outline design from the beautiful new book Natura’s Crochet Flowers I was disappointed to find the finished result too fussy so that the central motif is lost. This is one pebble which is about to be uncovered!

attempted leaf!

attempted leaf!


Some have turned out better, though, and I shall certainly be trying the windmill, spider’s web, spiral cross, snowflake and granny rectangle again.

windmill design by Anita Mundt

windmill design by Anita Mundt


spider's web by Lucy Croft in Simply Crochet

spider’s web by Lucy Croft in Simply Crochet


granny rectangle from Simply Crochet

granny rectangle from Simply Crochet


snowflake from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks

snowflake from Jan Eaton’s 200 Crochet Blocks


I can’t quite believe I have now made twenty-one different covers and even the designs which I have made more than once look different each time.

For anybody who really does want to see the designs I’ve used so far –  all my covered pebbles can be seen on Pinterest here.

So, that’s all for now. I’m off on a large pebble hunt.

Jenny x






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