Prawn to pebble and back again


I can hardly believe that my blog has now had over 1,000 visits during its first year; a huge thank you to all of you who have looked at it and been so supportive.

All this prawn business seems to have come full circle now – first of all my daughter and I jointly wrote and published The Woolly Prawn in December 2012 after many hours spent designing, making and testing knitted prawns and the other bits and bobs ……

the book

the book

Then followed the introduction of the Woolly Prawn Kit in the summer of 2013 …..

the woolly prawn kit

the woolly prawn kit

…….  and in October last year when the crochet bug had really taken hold I developed the passion for crocheted pebbles which led to my blog. Now it’s back again to Woolly Prawn kits and keyrings ……

prawn keyrings

prawn keyrings

mini prawn keyrings

The return to prawn-making began in earnest when I was invited to share a stall at the Abbotts Bromley Girls’ School Christmas Bazaar. Helen and I will be selling our goodies together on Saturday, December 29th – do have a look at the wonderful handmade dolls and rabbits on her facebook page (Helen Lucia E) and if you live in the Abbotts Bromley area come along on Saturday morning.

So, over the last few weeks I have been preparing kits for the Christmas season with their mini-prawn keyrings –



ready to go!

ready to go!

you can check out the book and the kit on

There will be crocheted pebbles on sale as well, of course, and I have been trying out some colours to brighten up my display.

Made for grandchildren and other small hands.


So, next week I really can concentrate on my Christmas projects – three weeks to complete ….. that’s scary! I hope you are all well ahead with your seasonal crafting. It is supposed to be relaxing and therapeutic after all!

Bye for now,

Jenny x




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