I’m back!

Hello again,

It’s been a while since I wrote last – sorry about the lapse. The New Year brought a sense of relief that all the Christmas stuff was done and dusted accompanied by a slight lack of direction. Now that we are well and truly into February, though, stirrings of enthusiasm for projects new and further challenges have brought back the spark.

It has been a joy since January to see my group of crocheters filling the lounge on Monday mornings with their happy chit-chat. They are working on a variety of excitingly different projects and I love to see their progress from class to class and to witness their growing confidence.

One of my New Year’s resolutions has been to use up some of my ever-expanding stash …… the sock wool bought for its exquisite colour combinations, the odd couple of balls of yarn fancied and purchased with no real aim in mind. You know what it’s like to see the most glorious skeins in a shop and be totally unable to leave the shop empty-handed.

Sock yarn

So, on the look out for a suitable pattern to get the ball rolling I came across The Sea Glass Blanket which uses the most amazing crochet stitch pattern. Working in an ever-increasing or decreasing triangle which retains an excellent shape you can create wonderful fabric from multicoloured yarn. The stitch pattern is not easy to track down but it appears to be called crosshatch stitch.

I started with a small swatch in a DK variegated yarn

glorious texture

glorious texture


my first project using crosshatch stitch and Stylecraft Vision DK

my first project using crosshatch stitch and Stylecraft Vision DK

the completed cushion

the completed cushion

Then I tried out a small triangular shawl in the same stitch using Wendy Happy bamboo sock yarn. It worked out beautifully – soft with lovely drape and colour distribution.

Wendy Happy sock yarn

Wendy Happy sock yarn


The ladies in my group seem to have gone mad about this stitch and have been busy too:-

crosshatch stitch in chunky Yarn

J’s crosshatch stitch cushion cover front in chunky yarn


T's shawl

T’s shawl

Close up


J's shawl

J’s shawl

close up


I think we all share a love of colour and cannot resist stripes and all the wonderful self-striping yarns available.

Another member of the group has been working on a baby blanket :-

S's granny stripes

S’s granny stripes

just love the colours!

just love the colours!


I just love the progress everybody is making and it is just so satisfying to see their confidence growing as they exchange ideas for projects, patterns, hints about yarns and so much more. These Monday mornings have become a very valued part of my life now; long may they continue.

On that note I’ll say goodbye for now. Keep crafting.

Jenny xx




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