Ta-dah …… finally!

Hello again to all my crafting friends,

Yes, it has been ages since I wrote last – so long, in fact that you may not remember the afghan which I was working on with the wonderfully soft and beautifully coloured Tynn Alpakka yarn bought on holiday in Oslo earlier this year.

40 border squares completed

Well, I actually completed the throw a while ago but have just not had a moment to take photos and write up the final stages.

Here it is in all its glory and I have to say I am really pleased with the result. It is probably the project which has given me the greatest pleasure from start to finish.

my colours

my colours


Oslo afghan

The Oslo afghan

In the end I referred to Lucy at Attic 24 for the edging and chose a similar  style to the one which she used for her beautiful Ripple blanket.

corner detail

corner detail


Lucy's edging with picot

My version of Lucy’s picot edging


corner close-up

corner close-up

It seems to have worked and – amazingly(!!) – lies flat. This is one afghan I shall not be giving away!

November has taken me by storm ….. literally too! …. and suddenly Christmas projects come into play. No chat or photos though – for obvious reasons. There is, however, one very interesting event coming up: my eldest granddaughter’s class are starting a knitting project. They will learn to knit and each one will make a 5 inch square.  I have been invited along to support and encourage and my crochet group are involved too as they are making some crochet squares to complement the childrens’ work.  More about all this to follow and hopefully some photos.

That’s all for now.

Happy crafting!

Jenny x



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