International Diploma in Crochet

Hello again,

Well, I’ve done it – I’ve taken the plunge and in January I enrolled on Part 1 of Pauline Turner’s International Diploma in Crochet!

study guide and info

study guide and info

Having read the requirements – thirty-five widely diverse samples and four full-size projects – I wonder what I have let myself in for. But I am very excited to be embarking on something new. For a while now the feeling that my techniques need extending and my accuracy could do with improving has led me to search for local crochet classes of which there are none. So, distance learning it is and the fact that there are no time constraints makes it all the more appealing given my somewhat hectic lifestyle at times!

Sorting out packaging and labels for submitting the samples has been fun too, along with ordering some coordinating yarns to work them in ……. never need much of an excuse to buy some yarn!!

ready for the off!

ready for the off!

So following Pauline’s advice I completed the first six samples super fast and, having packed them carefully, sent them off earlier this week. The pass mark for each piece of work is 80% so not much room for error there.

I have been surprised by the number of apparently simple techniques which have got me thinking. I have a sneaking suspicion that some of the ways I have used in my crochet over the last few years have led to bad habits and poor finishing. It will be good to sort that out and hopefully some of my self-taught skills will pass muster!

Wish me luck as I await my first feed-back.

Jenny x




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