Second batch results and braids to go!

Hello again,

I just thought I would update you briefly on how the crochet study is going. My second set of samples came back very quickly – pleased to report that they all passed, in the upper band of 90% or over. I was relieved that the sample of double crochet ……  should have been the easiest of all ……. was fine this time as I seem to have sorted the problem with the edges and turning chains. Phew!

My mentor for the course appears to place more emphasis on hook size than Pauline did when she marked my first pieces. I shall, therefore, have to consider more carefully matching hook size to yarn in order to achieve a better drape. I can see that in the creation of fabrics to wear this is important and, probably, not having made many garments has made me less aware of the need to crochet a looser fabric. As you know, most of my previous projects have been afghans, cushion covers and other household items.

So, here are the next five samples which passed muster:


trebles into spaces

trebles into spaces

2. Working a triangle from a single double crochet stitch proved a real challenge so it was great to read that it is a “lovely piece of work”.

triangle in double crochet worked from a point

triangle in double crochet worked from a point

3. This next sample worked from slip stitches up to quadruple trebles – four rows of each using the same hook and same number of stitches – illustrates well the issue of hook size since it seems so tight at the bottom but far too loose and uneven at the top, the widest point. Even here a point was deducted for using a 4.00 mm hook instead of a 4.50mm.

basic stitches getting taller every four rows

basic stitches getting taller every four rows

4. I loved doing the chevron and incorporating some colour; hook size was an issue yet again and the lack of visual balance because the sample did not finish with the same colour as at the beginning. I’m pretty sure, though, that in a proper project such as a blanket or cushion cover I would not do that.

chevrons worked without holes

chevrons worked without holes

5. Sorry this is not a very good image of the basket weave stitch I used to show a heavily textured fabric in trebles. I love the finished texture but wow ….     it uses a load of yarn.

example of heavily textured fabric in trebles

basket weave stitch working round front and back posts

My next samples will be examples of five different braids. Pauline herself writes “What is or is not a braid is a debatable point” so students are indeed expected to interpret in their own way. I have opted for what I consider to be the safe option – strips of fabric with identical side edges. Who knows what my tutor’s view is? Let’s hope for the best.

five braids

five braids

Well enough of my ramblings! News of my first garment project to follow soon. In the meantime have a good weekend lots of happy crochet and knitting.

Jenny x


6 thoughts on “Second batch results and braids to go!

    • Thank you for your kind comments. My braids are back – four passed and the one with surface crochet failed because the two sides were not identical. I also lost marks quite heavily since the five were not of identical length … a bit disappointed in this as nowhere does it state this requirement but it does for the Hairpin strips. As you say it is great to know of someone else doing the Diploma and all comments are helpful.
      Love your Tunisian and the shawl is going to be fabulous … so warm. My Tunisian samples are going off tomorrow! Not over confident esp on the textured stitches.
      Jenny x

  1. Hi there, (and Eleanora) So pleased to find more of us online. Good tips for the braids re length – I’ll remember that. I’ve finished my first hairpin samples (and first attempts at hairpin!) and need to send them off. I tried hard to get them the same length so we’ll see…

    • Hi Sarah. Great to hear from another student following the same course. You’re absolutely right – any online comments are helpful as there don’t seem to be that many of us about. I can’t quite pluck up the courage to attempt Hairpin yet but have done a fair bit of Tunisian and am planning my second project to include Aran weight yarn, fashion yarn and Tunisian. Still awaiting results of my last submission and my first garment project. Hope you get good feedback. 🌸 x

  2. Your Broomstick looks great, Eleonora, and has encouraged me so I fear Hairpin will be put off for a while yet. It looks fiddly to me and less obvious for use in the sort of items I like to make. 🌸x

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