Project progress

Hello again,

In addition to the thirty-five samples required for Part 1 of the International Diploma in Crochet we have to make four full-size projects which showcase some of the skills learned in our samples.

The pattern I chose for my first project was Verna – a summer cardigan, designed by Anniken Allis for the magazine Let’s Knit. Maybe the word “flattering” in the description had something to do with my choice!

summer cardigan


After a couple of initial tension issues I enjoyed making it. But then came the sewing-up process …… joining the pieces together and setting in sleeves reminded me of why I have not really enjoyed making crochet garments in the past. Yes, you’re absolutely right …. the very best reason to learn the right way! Anyway, I got there in the end ……

quite pleased!

quite pleased!

This project has sleeves, shaping and fastenings and so, if it passes, it will have fulfilled three criteria and what’s more, I think I might actually wear it!

it fits!

it fits!

Moving on …….. to something with less shaping!

As you know, I have been doing some work on Tunisian crochet recently so, while it is still in my mind I have decided that my second project will be worked in Tunisian. The technique seems to lend itself to straight-sided pieces and the dense fabric produced is ideal for cushion covers. This then, worked in Aran-weight yarn, is evolving into an item to be used in the home ……

Neutral arans


Project 2

We also have to show the use of a fashion yarn – I found a single ball of something fluffy which matches my earthy toned Arans and managed to make a few decorative flowers along with a strip – think it might become the opening flap.



sofa matching

Now, I just need to find a coordinating, solid shade for the back of the cushion cover.

So, progress is being made; I have learned so many new techniques already and enjoyed the first three months of the course. Maybe it’s appropriate that it will shortly be time to tackle more lacy types of crochet – Broomstick and Hairpin – as these can be worked in cotton yarns which are easier to handle in warmer temperatures. Well, we hope it will get warmer, anyway.

On that note I shall say goodbye for today and wish you all happy knitting and crochet wherever you may be.

Jenny x


5 thoughts on “Project progress

  1. Wow Jenny- your cardigan looks amazing! So neat and a great fit. And I’m loving the colours for your Tunisian cushion cover. That’s going to be gorgeous. Glad to hear you are enjoying the course. You’re making great progress through all the samples and projects. I started 10 months ago. I was hoping to complete part 1 in a year. I’m not sure that I’m going to do it but I’m gradually getting there πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Thanks Eleonora. Have just heard that my mentor has had a bad fall so am having to wait longer than usual to get the last two submissions back. Hope the cardigan and the Tunisian samples will have passed! You are making very good progress – it is important to keep up a certain momentum, isn’t it? J🌸🌸 x

  3. Hi ladies, Jenny the cardi is gorgeous. Must hunt out that pattern. I’m half way through my first project which is a cardigan too (trying to get several requirements into one thing). I need to keep visiting to keep me going. It’s slow going on samples for me but I’ll get there.

    • So good to hear from a fellow IDC student. Sounds as if you are doing well. The cardigan pattern was a nightmare, actually ….. it is called the Verna cardigan by Anniken Allis and the design is definitely flawed, in my opinion, by a very difficult shoulder seam and incorrect instructions for the sleeve cap. I fudged it and passed but my mentor was not very happy that I had made so many changes. Thank you for your kind comments. Which pattern are you doing? Don’t be daunted by the samples ….. although I have to say I’m not looking forward to the hairpin crochet ones!

      • I’ve made a couple of changes in my pattern too. Hairpin is easier than I thought although i haven’t done the joins yet. I’m putting off the filet – Eleanora’s samples look great and give me hope 😊

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