Tunisian … ta-dah!

Hello again,

It’s been ages since I wrote last – holidays, kitchen flooding and other bits and bobs have rather scuppered my writing of late. In the meantime, my IDC course has not been totally neglected: I was able to spend some time during our brilliant holiday in France on my third project – a household item worked in 2ply yarn/thread – but I’m getting ahead of myself …….

Before we went away I completed my second coursework project – a cushion cover in Tunisian crochet using Aran weight yarn with the addition of some fashion yarn …

flowers on the front

flowers on the front


striped back

striped back


buttons on back

buttons on back


flower in fashion yarn

flower in fashion yarn

Have to admit that I am surprisingly pleased with the result and I shall be sending the cushion off to my mentor this weekend and hoping for the best.

If you remember a while ago I attended a local workshop on Tunisian crochet before starting on the cushion cover. Quite coincidently, when we came back from France last week I noticed another workshop in Miju Wools, Gloucester; this time it is based on Broomstick crochet and that is indeed the technique which I have decided on for my fourth and final project.

I now have my latest crochet requirement, a single huge knitting needle purchased for 50p in a local Charity shop! I have to admit my initial attempts have been a bit clumsy! Maybe not surprising with an implement this large!

20mm needle and 4.00mm hook

20mm needle and 4.00mm hook

So, I’m off to embark on my latest new technique, armed with my “broomstick”. The stitch was originally worked with the handles of brooms …. can’t imagine how awkward that must have been!  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Happy crocheting!

Jenny x



3 thoughts on “Tunisian … ta-dah!

  1. Oh I love the cushion cover Jenny- it looks amazing and the flowers are a great use of the fashion yarn! I just sent in my final project which was a cardigan in Broomstick – I really enjoyed the technique. I’m trying to master hairpin crochet at the moment and it’s taking some getting used to. By the way, I travelled up to Morecambe last weekend and attended a course run by Pauline Turner. It was great to meet her and it really motivated me to get going with the course! 🙂

    • Thank you. I’m sure your cardigan will do well. I went on a short Broomstick workshop yesterday which was helpful but I still find it fiddly to work. I have a pattern for a short-sleeved cardigan too but am not very confident about the shaping. Have to give it a go. Like you I have left Hairpin till last because it looks tricky. I am interested that you found your visit to Morecambe useful; I’m thinking of doing that next Spring when the end will be in sight …. hopefully! x🌸

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