Motif mania

Hello again,
It’s twelve months now since my first attempts at covering pebbles – the interest began during our visit to beaches in North Cornwall last autumn. Well, we have just been back to the same beautiful spot and nothing has changed except that my pebble interest has now become a bit of an obsession …. nothing new there I hear you mutter!

It has never been easy to find patterns for the crochet covers and after the first couple of months of experimenting I soon found myself scouring the internet for new motifs.

Each different pebble seems to have a life of its own …. as well as a very individual shape! After trying out the most attactive internet patterns by designers such as Margaret Oomen, Ros Badger and Sascha I needed to experiment some more. Some of the most pleasing designs have been adaptations of squares from Jan Eaton’s 200 Crochet Blocks and flower centres from Natura Crochet Flowers by Tash Bentley.  Some work better than others and adapting a square motif to fit a round or oval stone is very much a question of trial and error.

Edwardian Lace from Jan Eaton's book

Edwardian Lace from Jan Eaton’s book

Odd shaped stone with Jan Eaton's snowflake

Odd shaped stone with Jan Eaton’s snowflake

Star and round flower from Natura Crochet Flowers

Star and round flower from Natura Crochet Flowers

You can imagine my delight when a knitting friend returned from a holiday in Italy and allowed me to borrow Italian crochet motif magazines which she had found. Inside were a treasure trove of new motifs but since my Italian is not brilliant working them depends entirely on reading the charts! Definitely a challenge!

Italian mag 1

Back 1

Italian mag 2

Back 2

So …. there are just a few designs to add to my Pinterest board of stones patterns tried so far which you can find here! I have only managed one so far for reasons which you will discover in a few days and this is it.

Celtic hexagon - my first Italian (chart only) design

Celtic hexagon – my first Italian (chart only) design

Also, having promised our grandchildren some crocheted pebbles I have been doing some little ones for little hands – they are so quick to finish and so lovely to hold.

Made for grandchildren and other small hands.

Made for grandchildren and other small hands.

So, enough about stones for now – I have other prawn-related things to attend to. But, more of that later ….

bye for now,

Jenny x


Crochet Stitches Untangled

What a great workshop on Sunday at The Wool Croft, Abergavenny. I can’t think of a better setting for a day of crochet … surrounded by such glorious yarns in the most inspiring colours. It was lovely to meet fellow crocheters and share some of the tips I have picked up over the last couple of years. Thanks to those who attended .. you all worked so hard and I loved the samples you produced. Good news for prawn enthusiasts in the Abergavenny area too : The Woolly Prawn kit is now available from The Wool Croft as well as the book. Not only does the kit include a copy of the book and all you need to make a prawn or two but a limited edition mini prawn keyring.

The Woolly Prawn kit

The Woolly Prawn kit

Now back to my pebbles … great excitement this morning when the postman delivered my crochet cottons.They look just as I had imagined for my cobble covers.

New cottons

These look better!

Can’t wait to get started now … I’m looking for some snowflake patterns.

Keep those needles and hooks active,

Jenny x