Happy Christmas Everybody

Well, here we are – one day to go. ¬†Stormy it may be but Christmas Eve has brought a great sense of achievement ¬†…. job well done even, though I say it myself, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. There may still be the odd arm, leg, eye, ear, tail, spike or even horn to attach but the Christmas goodies have taken shape and are mostly packed and labelled. Pics to follow after distribution!

We’re off to Staffs for the “big day” and looking forward to it a lot.

I’d like to wish everybody Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2014. Let’s hope you all have a great crafting New Year and that it turns out to be everything you would like it to be. Thank you all for supporting my blog during the last couple of months and for your patience with my somewhat random musings!

I’m already excited at the thought of getting back to my knitting and crochet, my pebbles and snowflakes; as time has beaten me this year maybe I should start on a snowy garland straight away! Who knows where the journey will take me in 2014.

Enjoy your Christmas,

All the best,

Jenny x