Runner completed but time running out!

Hello everybody,

I have to apologise for neglecting my blog over the last couple of months. To be honest I’m finding it a bit difficult to find the time needed to keep up with the record of work required for my International Crochet Diploma and to blog as regularly as I would like.

I am thoroughly enjoying Part 1 of the course and have learned so much new stuff already – Tunisian and Broomstick as well as Filet crochet.  Certainly one of the things I’m noticing though is that the amount of time one can spend on “other” crochet activities is more limited: my “want to make” list is growing by the day. Christmas is fast approaching and along with the imminent arrival of two babies I want to make gifts for I am torn between my ICD samples and taking a break.

The good news is that Project No 3 is finished and has been submitted. I needed to use a fine thread and decided on a table runner in spider stitch – found the pattern on a lovely blog, Lace’n’Ribbon Roses. I already had a cone of Southern Comfort by Twilleys in my stash and used a 2mm hook which seems to show off the stitch pattern quite well.

Spider stitch

first attempt at the stitch pattern


pleased with the effect

pleased with the effect but the colour looks completely different!

Fortunately, I have a blocking mat which proved the perfect size for the runner……


….. and here it is ready to send off

difficult to photograph

My limited photography skills made it difficult to take a good photo of this but I do like the way the light behind picks up the stitch pattern.

And so, we are off on holiday for a month during which time I hope to catch up with some small bits and bobs – photos at the end of November, hopefully! I’m sure you will all be starting on some Christmas gifts too; good luck with all those projects and ….

……. keep crocheting!

Bye for now,

Jenny x






4 thoughts on “Runner completed but time running out!

  1. Brilliant table runner Jenny. I know exactly what you mean about being torn between course samples and crocheting other things. And as for time, there’s never enough! I have completed Part 1 and am just waiting for my certificate. I have moved straight onto part 2 as it’s the pattern writing I want to get good at. There’s more scope to incorporate things you want to crochet in part 2 which is great 🙂 Have a fabulous holiday 🙂

  2. Well done for completing Part 1 – I am taking a little break until the New Year because I have Xmas gifts and baby gifts to do. Like you I hope to do Part 2 eventually – the pattern writing appeals to me. Look forward to hearing from you what it is like and how difficult!! 🌸🌸 J x

  3. Really enjoying reading your thoughts on the Diploma, although I know these are a couple of years old so you’ve probably finished by now! I know what you mean about finding time to fit in other projects!

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